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Michael Tell – A Remarkable Person

Michael Tell, an American rock promoter, rose to international attention following his brief but high-profile marriage with late American actress Patty Duke (deceased). Although their union lasted only 13 days, its announcement made headlines around the globe.

He was also the father of Sean Astin, the actor best known as Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Sean currently leads an austere life that keeps his personal details out of the public eye.


Michael Tell is a popular American rock promoter with a net worth estimated at over $1 Million. He first made headlines after marrying the late actress Patty Duke (known for her roles in Brighter Day and other films). Patty Duke died last December.

Tell developed an early love for rock music during his high school days, yet recognized his inadequacie as a singer. Instead, he pursued this passion through another channel by becoming a promoter with decades-long career success.

He met Patty Duke at a restaurant and they married thirteen days later on June 18, 1970. Unfortunately, however, this marriage only lasted 13 days as Patty eventually went on to marry actor John Astin and have son Sean Astin who is an actor/director himself.

Personal Life

Michael Tell has long had a love for rock music. Unfortunately, due to vocal limitations he chose promotion as his means for exploring this passion.

He married Patty Duke for only 13 days in 1970, after previously having been involved with director Harry Falk and actor John Astin – although Patty Duke claimed in her autobiography that both were biological fathers of her son Sean Arnaz Jr.

Tell has managed to remain low-profile despite his brief marriage with Patty, continuing his professional work behind the scenes without further controversy or scandal. Furthermore, no new partners have entered his life.


Michael Tell is an inspiring individual who has accomplished so much in life. Through hard work and determination he became successful as both a publisher and rock promoter; his legacy now serves as an example for aspiring musicians and writers.

At 72 years old, he still maintains an active and fit physique. With a great sense of humor and an avid passion for reading books, he also loves playing his guitar to produce beautiful melodies by strumming its strings. Additionally, he enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures around him.

Michael Tell is the father of Sean Astin, one of the most sought-after American actors today. In 1970 he married Patty Duke – but they divorced thirteen days after. Michael remains very private about his personal life and doesn’t reveal much about himself to others.


Michael Tell is an attractive 73 year-old with an endearing smile and twinkly eyes, who knows how to take good care of himself by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

He is driven by strong feelings of responsibility and affection for his family. A talented guitarist, he enjoys entertaining them by performing music for them. Additionally, he loves traveling and experiencing different cultures.

Michael Tell is well known as an accomplished publisher and rock promoter. However, his family life is just as remarkable; he is the father of American actress Sean Astin as well as having son Kelvin. Michael Tell has an inspiring tale to share that shows hard work can pay off!


Michael Tell discovered his passion for rock music while still in high school, even though he could not sing well himself. From there he turned it into a successful career as a rock promoter.

Michael Tell is widely believed to have amassed a considerable fortune through his decades-long work in the industry, but has managed to remain hidden from public view by keeping his personal life private and not providing any details regarding his family life.

Michael Tell is currently 76 years old and follows Christianity as his religion, while holding American citizenship. He does not appear active on social media and remains free of controversies and scandals.

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