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Melissa Womer – An American Actress and Producer

Womer understands the value of creativity and artistic expression, as well as expressing her wish to provide support and mentorship for young creatives.

Even after experiencing a difficult childhood, Womer has managed to maintain a positive outlook and be an independent woman. Additionally, she advocates for animal rights by supporting organizations that protect them.


Melissa Womer is an acclaimed American actress and producer. She has appeared in countless films and television shows, such as Petrocelli and Man on the Moon, as well as written and produced television shows such as Real Stories of Donut Men and The Yesterday Show with John Kerwin.

Womer overcame early life obstacles to forge a successful entertainment industry career. Born on July 8, 1960 in New York City, USA and ethnically white American, Womer remains relatively tight-lipped regarding her childhood or family details.

After graduating high school, she enrolled at the University of Kansas to further her education. While attending university she wrote jokes for a morning radio show and performed at local comedy clubs. Later moving to Hollywood she worked as a cocktail waitress at The Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard before taking advantage of its open mic night to further advance her career.


Melissa Womer may not be household names, but she remains active in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in films and produced TV shows. With an engaging style that doesn’t shy away from taking risks, Womer hails from New York where she attended elementary and secondary schools before enrolling at University of Kansas where she held down odd jobs to supplement her income while writing jokes for a morning radio show.

Jim Carrey was introduced to her at the Comedy Store, and they met their future spouse, Marla Sobel in 1986. Soon thereafter they married in 1987 and soon after gave birth to Jane Erin Carrey shortly thereafter. Their eight year union ended when they separated in 1995.

She boasts a diverse resume as both an actor and producer, including roles in films like Petrocelli and Man on the Moon as well as television appearances such as The Yesterday Show with John Kerwin.

Net worth

Womer is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of $7 Million. Her wealth stems largely from acting and film production work as well as charitable efforts she has performed over time that support animal rights organizations.

Melissa Womer is an American actress and producer best known for her roles as the comedy store waitress in Man on the Moon and Real Stories of Donut Men on TV shows such as The Yesterday Show with John Kerwin. Additionally, Melissa Womer is well known as an award-winning writer having produced such programs as Real Stories of Donut Men and The Yesterday Show with John Kerwin.

Born on July 8, 1960 in New York City, Womer’s parents remain unknown to the media. She attended elementary and secondary schools in New York before heading off to study further at the University of Kansas. Womer is married and has one daughter named Jane Erin Carrey with former spouse Jim Carrey.

Personal life

She quickly established herself in the entertainment industry but it was far from easy. She appeared in several movies as well as producing television shows such as “Real Stories of Donut Men” and “The Yesterday Show with John Kerwin”.

Melissa Womer was born on July 8, 1960 in New York City. Although no details regarding her parents or any siblings have been shared with the media, Melissa attended local high school before going on to complete her postsecondary education at University of Kansas.

She launched her career in the 1980s after beginning work at a comedy store on Sunset Boulevard as a waitress, which gave her the confidence needed to audition for roles; soon thereafter she earned one with 1984 movie Petrocelli, followed by Man on the Moon five years later.

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